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At MummyFIT it is our mission to support you to meet your health and fitness goals either during or after pregnancy whilst having fun and meeting new friends, to welcome you in to our community where we support and encourage each other which makes us all feel great.  

MummyFit  exercise classes focus on group personal training with a maximum of 12 Mum’s and babies at any one time allowing time to focus on exercise adaptations to suit your stage of pregnancy or post birth recovery. Get a good cardiovascular and resistance workout to either improve your fitness and support your weight loss goals post birth or maintain your fitness levels during pregnancy adapted  to whatever stage you are at. The class will be set out in a circuit format using equipment such as free weights, kettlebells, ropes and medicine balls. Babies play and socialise in the middle of the room whilst mums work out and have fun.  

MummyFIT also offers a Yummy Mummy Club which is a weekly nutrition group specifically designed to help you meet your nutritional needs both during and after pregnancy. We have recipes  to deliver convenient nutrition to both you and your baby providing quick and nutritious snacks, meals and ideas for meal planning to help you juggle your new life as a busy Mum without neglecting your own nutrition. You will be given the opportunity to set your goals and milestones whatever they are so that we can measure your progress each week and support you to achieve your dream!

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