Steve is an excellent teacher providing demonstrations and variations to suit all abilities, together with praise and encouragement. The benefits are improved posture, balance, flexibility and best of all, the feeling of achievement and well being after class.

Joan, Retired, Ilkley

Steve is a brilliant instructor who's passion for his work is second to none. Technique and posture is paramount to him, and once you've been to just one of his classes, others don't even come a close second.

Ann Marie, Housewife, Ilkley

I have been seeing Steve one to one once a week for 7 years now and he has been able to expertly tailor my training sessions over that time to help me keep running and to stay injury free.

John, Business Man, Ilkley

I have attended Steve's classes for a number of years. These include both pump and Pilates. After nearly twenty years of attending exercise classes I can safely say that Steve has the best attention to correct technique of any instructor I have met. Steve doesn't do the exercises himself he concentrates on watching the participants and ensuring all exercises are done correctly. He makes sure that you are doing each exercise correctly to get the most benefit and, more importantly, reduce the chance of injury. Steve has a well developed sense of humour and his classes are fun.

Name withheld, Finance, Ilkley

Joining a gym was only half a step, personal training has taken me all the way.

Henry, Professor, Bradford

I have lost 5 stone and changed my attitude to life. It is hard work, but now I have achieved the results, I feel fantastic.

Alison, Doctor, Bradford

I was in need of motivation and Steve provided it.

Name withheld, Solicitor, Leeds

Steve has solved my back problems as well as improving my body shape.

Katherine, Housewife, Bradford

My friends say that I look younger and I certainly have a new zest for life.

Tina, CEO, Leeds

Steve's classes are very helpful as he demonstrates each exercise with greet precision then comes round the studio to ensure each person is performing the exercise correctly, safely and efficiently. he knows all his class members and their individual needs and adjusts the exercise accordingly to suit their individual needs. Steve not only makes the classes effective they are also great fun.

Gill, Retired, Ilkley

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